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HT Eronet Achieves Agile Billing with Red Hat Integration Platform

HT Eronet's adoption of Red Hat integration technologies marks a significant leap in their digital transformation, enhancing operational efficiency and system security.


HT Eronet, in collaboration with Red Hat and CROZ, successfully implemented a modern, agile SAP-based billing system using Red Hat's integration technologies, significantly enhancing system integration, reducing costs, and strengthening security.



Our team and Red Hat helped HT Eronet transition to a modern SAP-based billing system as a part of their digital transformation to make it safer and more agile.

Telecommunications (telco) company HT Eronet provides mobile telephony, fixed telephony, and broadband internet services to customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As part of its digital transformation, the telco was transitioning to a modern SAP-based billing system that can consume data from various sources. But its fragmented integration approach was hindering development. Now, Red Hat Fuse and Red Hat 3scale API Management, both running on Red Hat OpenShift on-premise, provides a single central integration platform.

The telco was transitioning to a new SAP-based billing system that would consume data from diverse sources. “Our information systems include everything from business support systems (BSS) such as invoicing to operational support systems (OSS) managing the radio network,” said Musa, noting the complex architecture’s many different technologies and data formats. “Our customer billing system lies at the core, and we needed to simplify how our billing system communicates with the other systems so we could respond faster to new demands.” But HT Eronet’s legacy billing system relied on SOAP web services for retrieving data from the diverse systems, a solution that was complex and difficult to maintain.



Red Hat partner and solution provider CROZ helped HT Eronet select, prove, and adopt Red Hat 3scale API Management and Red Hat Fuse ESB running on Red Hat OpenShift for its simplified central communications platform. “We specifically selected Red Hat OpenShift because it is an enterprise-ready container orchestration platform that could speed up HT Eronet’s journey to cloud-native development and deployment,”

-said Luka Gauta, Business Development Manager at CROZ.

Adopting an agile integration approach based on Red Hat Fuse and Red Hat 3scale has made it easier for developers to connect applications and data across diverse telco systems. HT Eronet can now create and adapt customer and business services faster. Reduced hardware costs by providing a more efficient, central integration platform. Deploying and streamlining all integrations on one central platform has allowed HT Eronet to operate more efficiently and reduce hardware costs. It also reduces the complexity of connecting various systems, making it more robust and simplifying disaster recovery.

The company is now looking to expand its use of Red Hat agile integration technologies. “Red Hat technologies have an important role in our digital transformation,” said Musa. “We are also considering using our new integration platform across other parts of the company.”

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