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What is the Sprint Review actually for?

13. 11. 2017

What to do on Sprint Review if you've got nothing to show?

Questions you probably hear very often. And most likely a consequence of using a concrete practice (in this case, showing a product’s working increment) without actually immersing in the actual usage.

If we take a look into the Scrum Guide, we’ll find this: “During the Sprint Review, the Scrum Team and stakeholders collaborate about what was done in the Sprint.

So, the basic purpose of Sprint Review is the collaboration between the developing team and the stakeholders on the development of the product. A good way to achieve that, it’s safe to say, even the best, but surely not the only one, is to show what has been made so far and to talk about proceeding.

What is Sprin Review’s basic purpose? What is, on the other hand, not its purpose? And what if, in the end, nothing’s been done? Find the answers on our agile consultants’ blog.

And if the Sprint went totally wrong, nothing’s turned out the way you planned and you’ve really got nothing to show – find the solution on Davor Čengija’s blog.

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