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From Legacy to Leader – Managing Digital Transformation for ZPIZ

ZPIZ's digital transformation, supported by CROZ's expertise, significantly enhanced its ICT capabilities, achieving streamlined and secure digital processes for Slovenian pension and disability insurance services.


ZPIZ's collaboration with CROZ in the digital transformation of their ICT systems has led to a significant improvement in handling customer documents and service delivery. This partnership enabled ZPIZ to leverage modern ICT technologies and managed services to support comprehensive digital business processes and electronic commerce, effectively enhancing service efficiency and security.



“At ZPIZ we have managed to completely renovate our ICT system and digitally transform our business. In 2018, 94 percent of all customer documents were prepared in digital business processes along the entire way from claim to decision. During this demanding transformation CROZ was our reliable partner, who helped us managing important part of our ICT environment.”

-Edmond Pajk, IT Division Director – CIO and Deputy General Director, ZPIZ

Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZPIZ) is the provider and implementer of compulsory pension and disability insurance in Slovenia. ZPIZ heavily relies on ICT services. Its information system supports complete digital business from document capture through various e-commerce channels and integrations through their management, security, processing in business processes, electronic delivery and legally compliant long-term electronic archiving. On the other hand, eZPIZ and BiZPIZ electronic services, enable secure and efficient electronic commerce with customers.

ZPIZ has a complex ICT environment. Its mostly internally developed modern information system is built of complex enterprise and custom software solutions that are integrated on predominantly IBM middleware layer with Oracle Exadata as a main enterprise database environment. Some of technologies that are managed with the help of CROZ experts according to established ZPIZ policies include:

  • WebSphere Application Server
  • WebSphere Portal
  • Business Automation Workflow
  • DB2
  • Security Access and Identity Manager
  • Security Directory Server
  • Cognos
  • DataPower


All components are mutually interconnected therefore managing requires both deep expertise in the product with the capability of understanding the big picture. Having all those skills at the expert level was a challenge for ZPIZ, and CROZ helped extend their team and their capabilities with managed service offering resulting in high-quality IT services.

Assistance with end-to-end service management includes help with upgrades, migrations, fixes, troubleshooting and incident resolving, application deployment and change management, analyzing and patching security.

The service is well-rounded with consulting, capacity and performance optimizations, and continuous service improvements. This year ZPIZ IT manager Mr. Edmond Pajk was awarded as CIO of the Year 2019 which proves the quality and dedication of the ZPIZ IT department in providing the best possible service for Slovenian citizens.

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