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Danish Municipality Hardens Security with IBM PAM Implementation

The PAM project led by CROZ with ATEA for a Danish municipality exemplifies advanced security management, setting a benchmark in privileged access controls and compliance.


CROZ, in collaboration with ATEA, successfully implemented the IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault for a Danish municipality, enhancing their security posture by effectively managing and monitoring privileged access. This project not only secured access to critical systems but also provided comprehensive visibility and control over privileged user activities, thereby mitigating potential security risks.



“Since the beginning of our discussion, CROZ has shown a great level of technical understanding and expertise. With ease, they quickly analyze Customer needs and current environment, define who needs to do what and what are the prerequisites which allowed us a quick project set up and smooth outcome of all defined activities. We’re looking forward to working with CROZ on another PAM but other projects as well.”

Lars Kryger, Security Team Manager at ATEA

Together with ATEA – Danish partner, CROZ has just finished PAM (Privileged Access Management) project for the Danish municipality (customer from the public sector).

The client needed to leverage IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM), a software tool for managing the testing process, for their project. However, they lacked the expertise to configure ETM to effectively support their specific needs. This included:

  • Understanding the full capabilities of ETM.
  • Configuring the process for test planning and execution.
  • Setting up reporting dashboards and functionalities to provide traceability for both technical and business stakeholders.

We implemented IBM Secret Server (now called IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault) – the IBM’s Privileged Access Management solution to manage the access of privileged users, enabling

  • A more secure way of accessing the system by internal and external administrative users
  • monitoring and recording admin user’s activities
  • integration with Microsoft
  • Active Directory Federation Services for SSO
  • enabling IBM Secret Server proxy for creating a controlled way of accessing the servers
  • education of end-users on how to use the new product
  • creating IBM Secret Server user groups, roles, and secret folders to make administration and sharing of secrets (passwords, certificates) easier
  • fine-tuning and hardening of PAM system
  • automation of certificate enrolment enrollment with Secret Server API
  • limiting SSH shell access
  • automated scanning and discovery of privilege accounts for existing AD environment and Web password manager.
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Security threats are dangerous and unpredictable, but our goal is to provide our customers with the highest possible security. That’s why we choose IBM PAM. It allows you better control over users with privileged access activities. As a result, you can see who, when, and for how long used a specific system.

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