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Improving Manufacturing Traceability with IBM ETM

The integration of IBM ETM with our client's systems revolutionized their approach to software development traceability, aligning their expansive project requirements with robust quality assurance measures.


By implementing IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM), we empowered our client, a global electronics leader, to enhance traceability in their software development process. This led to better product quality, more efficient testing procedures, and improved stakeholder communication, supporting their growth and compliance needs in diverse sectors.

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Our client is an international electronics group and industry leader that shapes the future of communications, information, and security. Over time, the company has grown into a respectable worldwide organization. Their products range from electronic goods for industry, infrastructure operators, and government customers. They operate in numerous countries all over the world and they count over 12,000 employees. The client reached out to us in early 2021 and asked for help on a project needing requirement-driven traceability tracking. Their requirements were already managed through the IBM ALM solution, so it was natural to utilize another component of the solution for test/quality management.

This international electronics leader, with over 12,000 employees, had a challenge in managing traceability within their software development process. Their products cater to various sectors like industry, infrastructure, and government, requiring a high level of quality and compliance. As their company grew, so did the complexity of their projects, making it difficult to track requirements throughout the development lifecycle.Specific Issues:

  • Limited visibility:
    Their existing system might not have provided a clear view of how requirements translated into test plans, test cases, and ultimately the final product. This lack of transparency could lead to issues being missed during testing or inconsistencies between requirements and functionalities.
  • Inefficient reporting:
    The previous system might have lacked robust reporting functionalities. Without insightful reports, it becomes difficult for stakeholders (both technical and business-oriented) to gain a clear understanding of the testing process and ensure everything aligns with the initial requirements (DNG – Delivery Note Gate).


Enhanced Traceability with IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM)

We implemented IBM ETM, a comprehensive solution within the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) platform, to address the client’s traceability concerns. ETM facilitates a connected development environment, allowing them to track requirements throughout the entire software development lifecycle.



Key Improvements:

  • Streamlined Test Planning: 
    We configured ETM to seamlessly integrate with their existing IBM ALM system, enabling them to create high-level test artifacts (test plans, test cases, test suites) that directly linked to specific requirements. This streamlined the testing process and ensured all tests addressed the intended functionalities.
  • Actionable Reporting:
    ETM’s robust reporting capabilities were leveraged to generate customized dashboards with insightful widgets. These dashboards provided stakeholders with a clear view of the testing progress at various granularities. Additionally, generating and exporting reports (including JRS reports) provided valuable insights into the traceability between requirements and test execution.

By implementing ETM, we empowered the client to achieve improved traceability within their software development process. This enhanced transparency led to better quality products, more efficient testing procedures, and improved communication between technical and business stakeholders.

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