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E.ON – Unifying Data Strategy and Model for Better Business Decisions

CROZ successfully enabled E.ON to harness complex datasets for strategic decision-making through advanced data management and analytics solutions.


The project with E.ON, managed by CROZ, focused on developing algorithms for data transformation and migration to enhance business intelligence capabilities using modern cloud and analytics tools. The cooperation led to successful data integration from diverse sources into a unified format, optimizing decision-making processes across departments. This technical initiative not only improved data usability through effective cleaning and transformation but also strengthened the collaborative dynamics between IT and business units.



“Cooperation with CROZ was very professional – they would always make sure to complete tasks on time. I was pleasantly surprised that CROZ was always ready to offer not only technical support, but also useful advice, knowledge, and experience. Before starting the project, I was afraid that business and IT would have problems with mutual understanding, but we soon found common ground with CROZ. Having understood our needs and problems, they offered valuable and concrete solutions.”

-by Tomislav Barišić, Business Controlling Manager at E.ON

E.ON Hrvatska d.o.o. is a part of E.ON – an international, privately-owned energy supplier with a clear focus on electricity generation and distribution, natural gas exploration, production, transportation, and distribution. Moreover, E.ON provides customer solutions for the new energy world and as such, they possess different sources of data, which require up to date reporting for a more successful future business.

In a four month long cooperation with E.ON, CROZ worked on creating algorithms for retrieving and transforming this data from various data sources and data ingestion in Cloud Storage using SQL Server Management Studio and Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, for the purpose of using this data in Power BI by business users.



The business goal of the project was to establish a common view of the data and understanding of the presented amounts collected from different departments (controlling, sales, finance, and billing) that would serve as a basis for management to make business decisions.

During the entire process of data migration, various transformations of table structures took place from the technical side, followed by conversions, pivoting, and cleaning of data in accordance with business requirements.

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