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Lost & Found in Data: Insurance Giant Streamlines Discovery with Data Catalog

The Data Catalog has revolutionized our client's approach to data management, significantly enhancing their ability to innovate and govern their data assets effectively.


The implementation of a Data Catalog solution by our client, a major Nordic non-life insurance company, addressed fragmented data issues by centralizing data discovery and governance. This strategic move has unlocked potential for deeper insights, accelerated product innovation, and enhanced data governance, setting the stage for future advances in data architecture.



Today, there are no cloud platforms without a Data Catalog as a service. Over time, numerous implementations of Data Catalogs on the market with different approaches and tools simplified the establishment of Data Governance policies and standards.

Our client is one of the Nordic’s largest non-life insurance companies. They provide insurance services and create secure conditions for companies to grow. Our client, a major non-life insurance company in the Nordics, faced a common challenge in the insurance industry: a fragmented data landscape. Valuable customer and policy data resided in isolated silos, hindering data analysis, product development, and overall business agility. We implemented a comprehensive Data Catalog solution to transform this data landscape. This solution, built on Apache Atlas and integrated with the client’s existing Data Governance framework, serves as a central hub for data discovery and understanding. Key Features and Benefits:

  • Standardized Business Glossary:
    A common language for data elements ensures clear communication across business and IT teams.
  • Advanced Data Classification:
    Granular classification helps prioritize data governance efforts and enforce access controls.
  • Data Lineage and Impact Analysis:
    Track data flow and understand the potential impact of changes, minimizing risk.
  • Seamless Integration:
    Leverages existing data infrastructure and adheres to industry standards (ACORD) for easy adoption.
  • MVP-driven Development:
    Incremental development with Minimum Viable Products allows for user feedback and rapid value creation.
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This Data Catalog implementation empowered the client to:

  • Unlock Hidden Insights:
    Business users can easily discover relevant data for analytics and reporting.
  • Accelerate Product Innovation:
    Data-driven decision making paves the way for the development of new insurance products and services.
  • Improve Data Governance:
    Streamlined data management fosters data quality and regulatory compliance.

This is just the beginning. Our ongoing collaboration with the client focuses on utilizing the Data Catalog as a foundation for building a robust Data Mesh architecture.

This will further empower business users to create and share data products, driving continued innovation within the organization.

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