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Reducing Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning Time for a Big Tech by 50% with Terraform

By adopting IaC with Terraform, the Big Tech company streamlined their AWS infrastructure operations, achieving faster deployments, cost efficiency, and enhanced error management.


A leading Big Tech company enhanced its cloud infrastructure management using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), with Terraform implementation reducing provisioning times by 50%, cutting costs, and minimizing errors. The initiative also included comprehensive training to ensure efficient use of the new systems.



We leveraged Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to empower a leading Big Tech company to significantly improve their cloud infrastructure management. Our IaC consulting services helped them achieve a 50% reduction in infrastructure provisioning time, alongside substantial cost savings and minimized errors.

Our client, a prominent Big Tech company, is renowned for its world-class social media, social networking, and instant messaging platforms. They sought to optimize their cloud infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) by addressing three key challenges:

  • Speed:
    Accelerate the creation process for various infrastructure components within the AWS cloud.
  • Cost:
    Reduce overall infrastructure expenditures.
  • Error Reduction:
    Minimize errors during infrastructure provisioning.
  • Version Control:
    Implement a system for tracking infrastructure versioning and changes.

The client required a solution that could simultaneously address all these critical aspects. They needed a method to expedite infrastructure creation while reducing costs and minimizing errors. Additionally, they aimed to establish a system for tracking infrastructure versions for better control and management.

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Considering the client’s requirements, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) emerged as the ideal solution. We implemented Terraform, a leading IaC tool, to address their specific challenges. CROZ consultants provided comprehensive Terraform training encompassing the following key areas:

  • Terraform Installation and Configuration
  • AWS Cloud Management: Networking, Databases, and Storage
  • Implementing Robust Security Measures, Logging, and Alerting within AWS
  • Mastering Advanced Terraform Functions for Enhanced Efficiency
  • Organizing Complex Projects within the Terraform Framework

This educational workshop equipped the client’s personnel with the necessary expertise to leverage Terraform effectively as their IaC tool. 

The training empowered them to establish a consistent Command-Line Interface (CLI) workflow, enabling them to seamlessly manage their cloud services within AWS.

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