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Sava Insurance Group Boosts Digital Presence with Liferay Self-Care Portal

Sava Insurance's strategic partnership with CROZ in deploying a digital self-care portal marks a significant advancement in their digital transformation journey, boosting customer engagement and operational agility.


Sava Insurance Group partnered with CROZ to develop a robust digital platform using Liferay DXP, enhancing customer interaction and operational efficiency through a new self-care portal. The project's phased agile approach facilitated a flexible, iterative development process, successfully launching an MVP and expanding digital services across the organization.



“The main emphasis for Sava Insurance Group was to select and build a robust digital platform to answer the global digital agenda with the appropriate business/IT solution. The emphasis for the first Solution (Selfcare portal) was to offer the clients a self-care solution to review and have insights into the business data. The next steps are towards the sales funnels and personalized view of the web content as well as to expand the solution to the B2B area of business. We see the CROZ team as a highly professional and reliable partner on our journey across the countries of Sava Insurance Group companies.”

-Andreja Korošec Rebula, Director of Sales, UX and innovation at Sava Re

Sava Insurance Group, a leading insurance provider, recognized the need to adapt to the growing demand for digital customer experiences. Their primary objective was to establish a robust digital platform that aligned with their global digital agenda. This platform would offer a business and IT solution that streamlined operations and enhanced customer interactions. CROZ championed an agile approach for implementing the Liferay DXP solution for Sava Insurance.

While Sava provided initial wireframes, prototypes, and functional requirements, CROZ business analysts identified the need for a more iterative development process. This led to a hybrid approach, combining elements of waterfall methodology with agile practices. Splitting the project into phases with incremental development allowed for flexibility and adaptation to evolving requirements.

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The project encompassed not only building the self-service portal but also creating a new middleware layer for its integration with future applications. This expanded scope presented significant implementation challenges. However, CROZ’s expertise ensured seamless integration of all components. The initial phase saw the successful launch of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Pensions Insurance, offering core functionalities that would be further expanded upon in the final product. Soon after, features for other insurance products were finalized, culminating in the complete self-service portal launch.

The portal empowers Sava Insurance users with a range of functionalities, including:

  • Viewing their insurance policies
  • Reporting and managing claims online
  • Easy access to policy payments
  • Reviewing and managing user data
  • Quick and secure user registration with video identification
  • Direct messaging with the insurance company

This user-centric portal fosters improved customer satisfaction, streamlines communication, and enhances overall operational efficiency for Sava Insurance. The project demonstrates the power of Liferay DXP and CROZ’s agile implementation approach. With further phases planned, the future holds exciting possibilities for expanding functionalities and integrating B2B features, creating a comprehensive digital ecosystem for Sava Insurance.

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