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Digital experience – revelation!

16. 09. 2017

Don't miss learning about organizational and technical steps necessary for producing a pleasant digital user experience on the 18th Mreža Smart Day!

Digital user experience is part of a general story about digital transformation, and in that way has become a term, most often used nonchalantly. But in reality, when buying movie tickets, a dishwasher, using public administration services, telecom or banking services, our experience as a user can be both good and bad. Bad experience is easily detected, but which organizational and technical steps should we follow in order to produce pleasant experience?

Answers to these questions are brought to you on the 18th Mreža Smart Day on the 5th of October 2017 in the Europa movie theater (Muller hall) at 13:00. We’ve invited lecturers who won’t be talking to you about digital transformation for the 100th time, but will demonstrate good practice and share their experiences.

The introduction presentation will be held by Ivan Krnić from CROZ, followed by Liferay’s Krisztian Rostas’ presentation of the Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) through a demo application for internet banking.

After the presentations, Krešimir Mudrovčić from CROZ will moderate a round table, in which will participate:

  • Dejan Rajković, sales director, Adriatic Slovenica insurance
  • Luka Baranović, Department for user experience management, Hrvatski Telekom
  • Senad Kulenović, independent consultant
  • Sven Čujić, digital marketing expert.

Entrance is free, but the number of participants is limited, so if you are interested, please apply here:  http://mreza.bug.hr/prijava/. See you on the 5th of October!

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