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Fast and efficient – „IBM Jazz Starter Pack”

03. 06. 2017

The Jazz Starter Pack is a services and licenses package created to implement the IBM Jazz platform quickly and efficiently into Your organization.

Author: Josip Osrecki

The Jazz Starter Pack is a services and licenses package created to introduce the IBM Jazz platform into your organization in a quick and efficient manner. If you are interested in implementing this platform as a project life cycle management solution, we are presenting you with two packages that were created as a result of years of implementing not only IBM Rational tools, but also the methodologies they support. We are aware that every client has specific needs in the way in which it wishes to implement the packages (therefore it is possible to modify them), but our goal is to provide the best combinations of services for a reasonable price.

Do you want to own a tool that, on one hand, offers collaboration, organized planning, and controlling adjustments which are key for roles such as Project Manager or Scrum Master, and on the other, source code manipulation and maintenance for your development engineers and its relationship with a certain change, bug or request? We recommend the IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) basic tool which will suffice for a smaller team.

  1. Jazz Developer starter pack (RTC) – the base package, 10 users:
  • 10 RTC licenses (Change management, Planning, Source Code Management)
  • 2 – day long instalation and configuration process
  • 2 – day course
  • 3-day (24h) consulting and coaching process

+ Extra RTC licenses

If your team is made up of analysts and testers who need more than the functionality of the RTC in order to write documentation or run tests, and if the end goal is to achieve a clear connection from the base requirement to implementation and the code which is being affected, as well as the tests required in order to validate the request and the source code, we recommend the second package which includes the following tools:

  • Requirements Management (Doors Next Generation – DNG)
  • Quality Management (Rational Quality Management – RQM)
  • Full platform reporting (Jazz Reporting Service – JRS)
  • Variant Management (Global Configuration Management – GCM)
  1. Jazz Enterprise starter pack – analysis, development, testing, reporting, and variant management (DNG + RTC + RQM + JRS + GCM):
    • 5 DNG licenses
    • 5 RQM licenses
    • 10 RTC licenses
    • 3 – day installation process
    • 5 – day course (2 RTC + 1 DNG + 1 RQM + 1 JRS)
    • 5 – days (40h) of consulting and coaching

+ 1 day of GCM courses (Variant Management)
+  Additional licenses for every tool
+ Rational tools for testing automation

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