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Microblink Scales Globally: Building Strong Product Teams for International Growth

Microblink's strategic development and market expansion are poised to make it a leader in global identity solutions.


Microblink, supported by CROZ, is strategically scaling its operations globally, focusing on the U.S. market and enterprise clients through an effective product team structure and agile development methodologies. This approach is aimed at leading the industry in identity verification products and enhancing their market reach.



To become a market leader in a segment where no one has a complete solution yet, to expand on the American market and to enterprise clients – Microblink has big ambitions. Here is how the successful arrangement of product teams and the direction of the product and go-to-market strategy will help them in this.

“From both internal and external staff, we started to gather product owners who, after a year, arranged processes that put the product in focus and introduced ceremonies that enable them to develop the product in an agile way, regardless of which agile method they use. CROZ helped us a lot here as a partner who has experience in how to enhance such a team, and which agile development methods to apply, and with their support and education, we started working with the three product teams already mentioned.”

-Igor Strejček, Managing Director for Croatia – Microblink

Microblink, one of the fastest-growing start-ups in the region, was primarily engaged in document recognition services a few years ago. After accelerated growth and investment, they decided to revise which (new) strategically crucial products are in the Identity segment. A division was made within it, and in addition to Document Scanning (which was commercially called BlinkID), they started developing two completely new products, Document Verification and Identity Verification. They have assembled separate teams for each of these products. Since they are very ambitious and want to be at the very top of the industry, it would not be possible without proper product teams.



To prepare the company for the future in which this will be possible, as well as the current state that can support such growth and development, Microblink’s teams must have a well-organized product development strategy within the mentioned categories. For that, it was necessary to transfer the development into the hands of product experts, adds Igor. At Microblink, they worked for the previous year to move the processes that until then were carried out by Sales and Engineering to people who would take on the role of a kind of CEO of individual products.

Davor Čengija, who was one of the main and responsible from CROZ’s side, states that everything started with the formation of a transformation team, whose task was to define goals and lead the organization by example through change. “After aligning with the leadership, we turned to building and improving the development teams themselves, to the extent that was necessary and appropriate, since the development teams at Microblink know how to do their job very successfully. That’s why we focused on adopting a product attitude and iterative deliveries, speeding up the cycle of planning, development and testing.”

-Davor Čengija, Head of Service and Product Innovation – CROZ

Although Microblink has signed contracts with over 600 clients of various sizes and from various industries in over 80 countries, with a new strategy, they want to reach enterprise clients, especially in new markets that they haven’t covered so much so far, above all in the USA and for certain offerings expand outside the USA.

*Credit to the portal Netokracija for providing content, please read the full article for more information.

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