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Designing for Impact: How Great Product Design Transforms Charity

14. 03. 2024

Explore how unique design can create substantial impact. Achieving "one-click" through the "Do the right thing" project.

It’s often hard to grasp the value of a “good” product design. One of the problems is what people think product design is. Aesthetic appeal? Yes, but what about user needs and challenges? Operational metrics? An actual purpose of a solution? It starts from finding out the root problem we are solving, so we can create a clean solution. That is a good product design.

Our collaboration with A1 Hrvatska on the “Do the Right Thing” (hrv. Čini pravu stvar) platform is a prime example of how purposeful design, grounded in a deep understanding of user needs and challenges, can lead to remarkable improvements. Our journey was marked by a significant milestone: a more than 150% increase in donations without any marketing effort. Pure usability.

Identifying the Core Challenge

The initial need of A1 Hrvatska was to “modernize” their online fundraising platform. However, our collaborative effort quickly shifted focus towards identifying and solving the underlying issues impacting user experience and engagement. The discovery process revealed that the platform’s donation flow complexity and lack of clarity were major barriers, deterring potential donors and ambassadors from fully engaging with the service.

A Purpose-Driven Approach to Insight-Driven Design

Leveraging insights from our comprehensive discovery phase, which included going through established philanthropy research in our area, user research, interviews, and workshops, we embarked on an iterative design process. This approach was about simplifying and streamlining the user journey to make donating and creating fundraising challenges as straightforward and intuitive as possible. This purpose was put in a sentence: “One click to change!”

The Impact of Insight-Driven Design

The redesign of “Do the Right Thing” was informed by user insights at every step, ensuring that each design decision contributed to a measurable improvement in user experience and to keep in line with business and development limitations.

Initial wireframes undergo testing to validate usability and functionality, ensuring the design’s foundation aligns with user needs. As we move to HiFi designs, we focus on user interaction and visual appeal. This iterative testing at each stage is vital for refining and perfecting the product, emphasizing the importance of continuous feedback and adjustments to meet and exceed user expectations. This insight-driven approach was validated by the remarkable increase in monthly donations, a clear indicator of the platform’s enhanced usability and appeal.

· Before the Redesign: The platform was doing a fine job for around 7 years, with monthly donations hovering around €3,400.

· After the Redesign: The transformation was quiet. In first 9 months without any marketing efforts, the platform began to see monthly donations of approximately €9,000. This surge not only reflects the improved user experience but also the platform’s increased capacity to support meaningful community initiatives.


The success story of “Do the Right Thing” serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of a purposeful, user-centric approach to digital design. By focusing on the actual needs of users and leveraging insight to guide our design decisions, we were able to significantly enhance the platform’s performance and, more importantly, its impact.

This journey shows the potential of thoughtful design to not just modernize a digital platform but to transform it into a more effective tool, in this case, for social good. It’s a testament to the fact that when design meets purpose, backed by insights and data, the results can exceed expectations.

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