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          Empowering Good: Fundraising Platform Product Discovery


          In partnership with A1 Hrvatska, we successfully redesigned their online fundraising platform „Do the Right Thing“ through a series of product discovery workshops.


          “In the first meeting with CROZ Studio team, we were introduced to the entire methodology of the Design thinking process, which gave us high optimism and motivation for continuing further. Through set of workshops, we were able to discover the real needs of our users, and together we came up with creative and interesting solutions that we will implement on our fundraising platform. We are extremely happy and satisfied by making our platform more attractive, interesting, and accessible, all with the support of the fantastic team from CROZ Studio.”


          A1 Hrvatska

          The A1 Telekom Austria Group is a leading provider of digital services and communication solutions throughout Central and Eastern Europe. A1 Hrvatska is a subsidiary of this group, which operates in seven countries and serves a customer base of approximately 24 million users. The group is known for its innovative approach to digital communication and its commitment to providing top-notch services to its customers.


          In 2016, A1 Hrvatska introduced platform “Do the Right Thing” (hrv. Čini pravu stvar), which is a fundraising platform. The platform empowers individuals to initiate positive change in their community by raising funds for various associations. To date, the platform has raised almost €300,000.00 for over 60 different organizations.

          To ensure that the redesigned platform truly met the needs of its users, A1 Hrvatska reached out to us for assistance in discovering the exact needs of the platform’s users, rather than relying on just assumptions prior developing the solution.

          čini pravu stvar


          Team consisting of A1 and CROZ Studio members, embarked on a unique discovery process to understand the needs of our users, including current ambassadors, registered platform associations, and donors. In-depth interviews and online research were done to gain insights into their behaviour, attitudes, and pain points. Through this research, a set of Personas that represented our target users was defined and helped to understand the needs more clearly.

          With this information in hand, we established a new vision for the platform going beyond 2025. The goal was to make it easy for anyone to make a positive impact in their community with just one click. To achieve this goal, a series of workshops was held to define the functionality of the platform and created prototypes that aligned with our vision and user needs. We focused on usability and user experience, creating a platform that was easy to navigate and understand.

          At the end of the process, a clear scope for the first version of the redesigned platform and a detailed plan for achieving our goal was set. The scope included a list of features and functionalities that the platform should have and our plan included strategic steps toward the fulfilment of our mutual goal.


          “We knew from our first meeting that working together would be a great experience. Although the preparation, implementation, and active participation in the workshops were challenging, it was a true pleasure to be a part of this story. By the end of the process, we had a clear idea of what the platform would look like in its new form and the hidden potential it had. The process of validating ideas and prioritizing them did not end with the workshops but rather continued throughout the development process.”

          marija roždijevac

          Marija Roždijevac, Product owner – CROZ 


          You can check Do the Right Thing (Čini pravu stvar) here:


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