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0800-DEVOPS #51 – Agile software development with Paul Stovell

21. 08. 2023

Welcome to 0800-DEVOPS, a newsletter digest of interesting ideas from the world of DevOps, technical practices and increased productivity! I talked with Paul about bottlenecks in the software delivery process today and the future of application release automation.

A newsletter that started as a personal learning and getting-in-touch project by Ivan Krnic grew into a sociotechnical newsletter covering topics of technical excellence, organizational improvements, and productivity.

Tools are means, not an end

Remember Monopoly?

If you’re lousy at it like me, you’re doing whatever it takes to make it around the board and get that extra cash. It doesn’t matter what you do along the way as long as you pass the Start field and collect the money.

I spoke with Paul Stovell about agile software development, and the similarity struck me. Paul pointed out that the most important thing should be completing a round (iteration!) to create value and get user feedback. Unfortunately, in software development, we sometimes focus too much on the steps themselves (which process? which tool?), forgetting that our goal is a higher one – to complete the round, create value, and collect user feedback. There are 12 principles in the Agile Manifesto, and we, ironically, fail on the very first.


✨ Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.


Tools do not exist for their own sake but to help us complete the round sooner. They are just “tools”. We should remember the end game – creating value and collecting user feedback sooner. Listen to our conversation.

Interview of the Month

Agile development with Paul Stovell

Agile development with Paul Stovell

Paul Stovell is the CEO of Octopus Deploy and an industry veteran building the tool supporting agile software development. I spoke with Paul about bottlenecks in the software delivery process today, deployment challenges in hybrid environments, and the future of application release automation. As Paul says, deployment time should be the time of happiness and satisfaction, not the time of fear and anxiety. Listen to our conversation.

Hand picked

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Read with us

Read with us

I, Robot (The Robot Series)

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It’s still summer, so why don’t you treat yourself to a classic?

I, Robot is a collection of short stories that imagine the future world in which robots are a regular thing, as Isaac Asimov saw in 1950. Asimov is walking us through a series of everyday dilemmas underpinned by the famous Three Laws of Robotics. A masterpiece!

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