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0800-DEVOPS #60 – GitOps with Dan Garfield

07. 04. 2024

Welcome to 0800-DEVOPS, a newsletter digest of interesting ideas from the world of DevOps, technical practices and increased productivity! I spoke with Dan about GitOps, DORA regulation, the future of Continuous Delivery, AI, and their bright future joining Octopus Deploy.

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GitOps to the rescue

Years ago, we deployed an application to a cluster of several nodes. Deploying the application was easy, but applying the right configuration to all nodes was difficult. One server ended up with an old configuration, and soon problems started. Although we didn’t end up like Knight Capital Group, it caused us some trouble until we found the cause. That was when I first heard about the “desired state” and GitOps.

GitOps is a set of principles that guide how we manage the desired and actual state (configuration) of our applications. In a nutshell, applications and their state should be:

1. Managed declaratively
2. Versioned and immutable
3. Pulled automatically
4. Continuously reconciled with the desired state

Managing application state this way leads to more frequent deployments, fewer failures, faster recovery from failures, and a happier engineering organization.

And organizations finally have an answer to a million euro audit question: “What is supposed to be deployed and what really is deployed?”

With DORA regulation in place, organizations can’t afford not to use GitOps today.

Listen to my conversation with Dan Garfield on the benefits of GitOps.

Interview of the Month

GitOps with Dan Garfield

GitOps with Dan Garfield

Dan Garfield is VP Open Source at Octopus Deploy. I spoke with Dan about KubeCon, GitOps, DORA regulation, the future of Continuous Delivery, AI, and the bright future of Codefresh joining Octopus Deploy.


QED 2024 conference

We’re back in Zadar for another QED conference and a bonus conference-within-conference Mighty Mainframe!

Our keynote speakers will be Sam Newman, technologist and best-selling book author, and Rosalind Radcliffe, IBM Fellow, CIO DevSecOps CTO.

Register here and join us!

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Read with us

Read with us

Flow Engineering: From Value Stream Mapping to Effective Action

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I’ve been following Steve Pereira and Andrew Davis for ages, and I even participated in a workshop where guys taught us how to do proper value stream mapping. That’s why I’m so glad that they’ve turned these guidelines into a book accessible to anyone!

Flow Engineering is a practical guide to using value stream mapping techniques to align teams, unlock innovation, and optimize performance. It’s an indispensable tool in your coaching toolbox.

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