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          Table of contents


          ESG overview

          One thing CROZ enjoys, besides programming and engineering, is helping others, giving back to the community, and doing our best for the planet, since it’s the only home we have. Read on to learn more about non-governmental organisations, how our employees rolled up their sleeves, a beautiful story for two-wheeler lovers, and art – because you cannot spell smart without art.

          Why is everybody talking about table calendars?

          Because we created it to help 12 wonderful NGOs. And because the illustrations are also breathtaking, thanks to Raquel Costa, an amazing illustrator who managed to capture the story and the emotions of each NGO. The idea for the calendar was born during the Summer Accelerator, where our team worked with students to develop an Altruist app to facilitate the work of NGOs so they can focus on their clients. Instead of paperwork. As we’re hosting the 15th edition of the QED conference this year, we wanted to represent each NGO through keywords that have been themes of previous conferences, such as community, creativity, sustainability, and more. We’re sure many of you have already broken your New Year’s resolutions, but that’s okay – we’re all human. And we encourage making new resolutions throughout the year. So, here’s an idea – browse our calendar (browse here) and do something good all year long!

          Community December

          Inclusive Farm

          Nature’s power to heal and help

          It’s an amazing place where people with developmental disabilities can participate in various workshops for growing vegetables and herbs. All this thanks to the food processing workshops in the premises of Mala Kuća in Petrinja as part of the household workshop. After the donations for the Inclusive Farm, we decided to get our hands dirty. The renovation, the construction of a new composter, the digging of garden benches, the weeding and the good company of the volunteers of the farm made the humanitarian action a beautiful experience that we will gladly repeat.

          Powering the future with solar energy: Another step in our journey to sustainability

          Your favourite eco-warriors strike again! In 2022, we decided to take another big step for the well-being of planet Earth – we installed solar panels to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. By using solar energy, we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and lower our energy costs. Solar energy helps us become more independent and less dependent on the traditional energy grid. We’re doing our best to protect the environment and support renewable energy sources. Another environmentally friendly action is behind us, and we call on everyone to do everything in their power to keep our beautiful planet green. It’s the only home we have, right?

          The art of collaboration

          Among our fellow citizens we are known as “the company that puts an art poster on the facade of the building”, and we are proud of it! The cooperation with the Croatian Association of Visual Artists makes us very happy, and we have a tingle in our belly every time we can show new works.

          Why do we do it?

          Simple – we want to include artists in our business environment, and we started the cooperation with the Croatian Association of Visual Artists with a common goal – to enrich the public space with artworks, instead of the usual advertising. Some of the artists whose works we have exhibited are Diana Trohar, Apolonija Lučić, Tanja Blašković, Ivana Pipal, Danijel Žeželj and many more.

          It took only 6 steps to become bike friendly!

          It’s the way of living

          Yup, it all started thanks to our passion for bicycles. Simple as that!

          Clear motives

          Less congestion in the city, preservation of the planet and health, no parking problems, saving money (and nerves) – need we say more?

          Safe bicycle storage

          As more and more colleagues come to work by bicycle, we have decided to motivate them to continue by introducing bicycle parking – a safe place for their bikes.


          Do we even have to explain? 🙂

          Official bikes

          This is a great thing for those who are constantly in a hurry between deadlines. Now they can move even faster – on two wheels through the city bustle. All they need is a pin to unlock the service bike and a bit of will.

          Outside racks

          Placed in front of the building so we can rest our eyes on them between work. Yes, we love them so much! At CROZ, cycling is a way of life! That is why we are proud owners of the European “Cycle Friendly Employer” certificate. We are very happy and do not intend to stop. We plan to continue to explore new ways to motivate our employees to travel by bike instead of by car.

          Don’t hesitate to drop us a message, because we’re always open for chat and new challenges. We cant wait to hear from you! Contact us!