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          FYI by CROZ

          Striking a Balance: The Key to Sustained Success in Technology

          Vjekoslav Jadrešić Image

          As a technology company, keeping up with the hype cycles of the market can be challenging. It requires constant investment in innovation and R&D and building and maintaining a strong technical team. But success in this fast-paced industry also depends on your ability to integrate and maintain quality. At our core, we are a software engineering company. It has always been our core skill, and it’s the glue that enables us to ride the hype cycles of the market sustainably.

          Our roots in software engineering have been a critical part of our success, and we are committed to maintaining and growing this expertise while continuing to innovate in modern technologies. In 2022, we kept growing in modern technologies such as data engineering, AI/ML, DevOps, and Cloud computing, while maintaining our core skills in software engineering. These topics created the right challenges and motivation for our people and kept opening great conversations and projects with our clients.

          The widespread use of generative AI and LLMs has started a thrilling new era for the enterprise IT community. These technologies are revolutionising the way we approach tasks, automating and optimising processes, and unlocking unprecedented levels of efficiency. We are discovering new opportunities to augment our software engineering expertise and deliver even more innovative solutions for our clients with new levels of productivity. While we remain vigilant about security, privacy, and ethical considerations, we’re genuinely excited about the transformative impact generative AI and LLMs will have on our business.

          By harnessing their potential responsibly, we are confident that we can elevate our offerings and contribute to shaping the future of the technology landscape. Along with embracing these advancements, we also recognize the importance of balancing our core competencies and investment in modern technologies. By doing so, we can continue to provide high-quality solutions that meet each client’s unique needs. It’s not just about keeping up with the latest trends but also about maintaining the quality of our work and the expertise that sets us apart in the market.

          In conclusion, our commitment to software engineering remains at the core of our business, and we will continue to invest in and grow this expertise while embracing modern technologies.

          — Vjekoslav Jadrešić, CEO at CROZ

          Something to get you started

          If I had to choose one key word that dominated in 2022, it would definitely be “flow” – the elevated state of the system where work gets done without friction and value simply flows to the clients. Flow can be achieved on a personal level – when you sit down to do something and three hours later you have accomplished more than you did in the whole week – but also on a team and organizational level.

          — Ivan Krnić, Director of Engineering

          The past year has opened some new perspectives. The new identities of the CROZ family – AI, DACH and CROZ Studio – brought some new focus which enabled us to look at our mothership with different eyes and see the opportunities to find more comprehensive and better solutions to our customers challenges. We surely used new strengths in the right way!

          — Vedrana Miholić, Sales Manager

          The focus on value starts at the personal level. And then it grows into teams, projects, organizations, processes, and cultures. The question of value is simply the first one we should ask, in everything we do.

          — Krešimir Musa, Chief Technology Office

          With each crisis of the last 15 years, the gap has widened between us in Europe and the countries and companies that have continued to invest strategically in digital. IT has long since ceased to be a cost factor and has become the backbone of all digital business models. This is exactly why now is the time to actively use AI and machine learning and modernize your own IT.

          — Peter Blenninger, co-Founder and MD of CROZ DACH

          peter blenninger image

          Combined with a legal entity in Germany our customer’s journey in partnering with CROZ to boost their digital and IT endeavors is now greatly facilitated. Our client and partner feedback in DACH is excellent and we’re determined to keep it so.

          — Joachim Gucker, Managing Director and IT Architect at CROZ DACH

          One of the most important events of the past year was the opening of CROZ DACH, a new company based in Munich. After numerous successful projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (thanks to the excellent cooperation with our team in Croatia), this was a logical next step to internationalize our business and reach our full potential! DACH was established to develop complex software solutions for large enterprise IT systems, and we cannot wait to see what 2023 will bring!

          The AI game is in full swing thanks to our company CROZ AI which is responsible for the implementation of the AIOPS platform at Hrvatski Telekom which enabled us a significant service improvement and reducing the necessary engagement of experts. There were many happy moments in 2022, such as winning the first prize in the ”Green Deal” category at EUDATATHON’22 by our RenEUwable team, which developed an app that creates personalized instructions on how to save energy. Another great idea came from students and their mentors during the Summer Accelerator. They developed the Altruist app to support standard business processes for NGOs and give them more time to focus on the customers who need their help. We decided to pay attention not only to young minds, but also to our older colleagues. That’s why we organized our first Trailblazers meetup – a place where experienced developers can exchange ideas and experiences. At the same time, we notice that we have more than 70 colleagues who have been with us for more than 10 years. To close the year, we created a calendar for 2023 with one main goal in mind: to encourage our friends and partners to actively contribute to non-governmental organizations that help social groups in need and promote sustainability through monthly donations.

          — Krešimir Mudrovčić, Board Member