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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (David Bowie) – Trust them!

24. 05. 2019

CROZ as a company is in constant change, and QED Conference always follows those changes. Things we do and things we think about always reflects at the Conference. QED shows where we want to be in technological and business way so we can call QED 2019 a transition Conference. CROZ as a company stepped deeply into Western European market which was shown through the agenda and participants diversity. We had 250 guests from all over the world (10 different nationalities and more than 40 different companies).

New conference moderator Martin Stenkilde gave a new face to the QED Conference and a new location at the Mali Lošinj was in short – beautiful. The only thing we can complain about this year is the bad weather and the fact that this is the first time since QED exists that it was rainy. But we compensated the bad weather with great atmosphere. If that is the causal and consequent relationship of the mood and weather, we may really want a bit more rain and wind next year.

This year main Conference topic TRUST intertwined through slots, talks, panel discussions and workshops in different ways. Sam Newman, our key note speaker gave an excellent talk about the serverless world and showed us where we as a company want to be. Change is inevitable, it is not simple, but we are ready to accept it. We have learned that the panel discussions are the best conference format when we are researching new topics – we had five of them this year, with an amazing experts from different business domains sharing their knowledge.

Trust in everyday life, the tremendous and very actual topic of privacy and the role of IT in it, agile transition, data driven organizations, trust in leadership – those are some of the topics that made us to think. The workshops helped us look what trust means in practical everyday business.

Showing that having and giving trust is extremely important in complex situations, projects, businesses we do and human relationships is the most valuable thing we learned at QED 2019 Conference.

Now, let’s start preparing QED 2020 Conference and hope to see you there.

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