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CROZ on a new market: successful project in Albania

29. 08. 2014

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has financed the development of the IT system intended for support of the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency (ADIA) core business. CROZ was the project leader and has cooperated with two respected Albanian IT companies.


In cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency (ADIA) has issued a tender for development of an IT system intended for their own use. In cooperation with two Albanian partners, Facilization shpk and Communication Progress shpk, CROZ has successfully implemented the project in the defined time period of one year. The system is now in the phase of preparation for production and it is expected to be in full daily use during fall.

The ADIA core business is regulated by laws and guidelines defined by the Albanian National Bank, similar as in Croatia. The deposits of all the clients of banks, savings banks and other financial institutions are insured in case of bankruptcy of those institutions. Clients deposits in Albania are insured up to 2.500.000 LEK or around 18.000 Euros, while in Croatia that amount is 100.000 Euros. The state guarantees reimbursement of the deposits to the clients after an audit of all the possible liabilities within the bankrupted financial institution. It is therefore pretty clear that it is very important to have a good and functional IT system in those situations. The ADIA IT system is comprised of several modules that will facilitate the execution of mentioned tasks and provide support to business processes: from data acquisition, insurance premium calculation, preparation and analysis of the data for surveillance execution to creating files with pay-out data.

Besides CROZ, as the project leader, a consultant and a quality manager, two other local companies, Facilization shpk and Communication Progress shpk, had a major role in the implementation of the project. The role of Facilization shpk, whose main expertise lies in providing services in the banking and financial sector, was in the segment of business analysis and system trial and that is where their finance expertise really came to good use. Communication Progress shpk is a company which is mainly into software development but also has IT infrastructure expertise and their role on the project enabled them to present their greatest competence – establish the project infrastructure and the development of the requested solution it self.

During the several phases of the yearlong project a detailed specification of requirements and a business analysis were made, a system with all the security norms was developed and a trial was carried out in all of the banks in Albania.

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