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          agile coaching

          Change Management Fast Track

          DURATION 2 Days
          The aim of the course is to train programmers for independent use of all tool functions over the 2 days.

          In this course you can work on real live case(s) to put theory to action. It will offer learning points that you can use the next day in your daily practice.

          Moreover, you can take the internationally recognized APMG Foundation and Practitioner exam. The Change Management Fasttrack combines the learning objectives for the Foundation and Practitioner level in one integrated course program.

          Target audience

          This course is suited for project managers, program managers, portfolio managers, operational managers, change managers, change agent or consultants in change initiatives. Within the training we work with practical examples and cases brought up by participants, so it is useful to have change experience within organizations. There are no further formal prerequisites for the examination. If you would like to consult our training adviser for a more personal advice, please contact us.

          Learning objectives

          This course aims at improving your effectiveness in recognizing, understanding and influencing change:

          • At individual level
          • At organizational level
          • By engaging stakeholders in change initiatives
          • By understanding change in practice
          • By initiating, enhancing and sustaining change

          Moreover, the course prepares you to successfully pass both the Change Management Foundation and the Practitioner exam. For the complete course program, see the last page of this brochure.


          Day 1: Change and the Individual

          • Introduction and course objectives
          • The change management context
          • Learning and the individual
            • The connection between learning and changing
            • The learning process, learning styles and the learning dip
          • Change and the Individual
            • Models of individual change
            • Motivation
            • Individual differences
          • Practical exercises throughout the day

          Day 2: Change and the Organization

          • Metaphors of organization – Gareth Morgan
          • Organizational culture and change
          • Models of change
          • Key roles in organizational change
          • Drivers of change
          • Developing a vision
          • Optional: Benefits Management/You and the change – Personal leadership
          • Practical exercises throughout the day

          Day 3: Communication and stakeholder engagement

          • Stakeholder strategy
            • 7 principles in engaging stakeholders
            • Identifying and segmenting stakeholders
            • Personas and empathy maps
            • Stakeholder mapping
            • Influencing strategies
          • Communication and engagement
            • Communication biases
            • Feedback and communication approaches
            • Communicating change
            • Communication channels
            • Planning communications
          • Practical exercises throughout the day

          Day 4: Change management in practice

          • Change Impact
            • Identifying and assessing change impact
            • Stakeholder impact assessment
            • Change severity assessment
          • Change readiness
            • Motivation to change and supporting individuals
            • Change agent networks
            • Enhancing readiness for change in organizations
            • Building the change team
            • Developing a change management plan
            • Preparing for resistance
          • Optional: You and the Change
          • Practical exercises throughout the day

          Day 5: Foundation exam and Practitioner workshop

          • Foundation exam
          • Practitioner workshop
          • Setting up a training program
          • Project management: change initiatives versus projects and programs
          • Sustaining change
            • Levers of change
            • Kelmans’ Adoption at three levels
            • Reinforcing systems
          • Change Management Practitioner exam preparation
          • Practical exercises throughout the day

          Day 6: The Change Management Practitioner exam

          Course duration, locations, dates & prices 

          This course consists of five days of training with a separate date for the Practitioner exam. The Foundation exam takes place at the beginning of the fifth course day. The day continues with the Practitioner module. The time in between course days allows you time to study and to recognize and experience the value in your daily practice.

          Required study hours and study method

          The required study hours consist of pre-reading, studying in between course dates and preparing for the exam after the last course day. All together this is an estimated 40 – 45 hours of self-study. The course is dynamic with a variety of exercises such as interactive discussions, working on cases in small teams, pop quizzes, role playing, etcetera. Preferably you submit a case from your daily practice.

          Course materials

          The course materials consist of:

          • a course binder with the presentation slides in full color together with the exercises.
          • the course book is the Effective Change Manager’s Handbook with a shop value of € 63
          • the personal access code for the e-learning account with sample exam questions, relevant film clips and background information on course topics.

          All course materials are in English.

          Change Management Foundation and Practitioner exams

          The course and the self-study prepare you for the official APMG Change Management Foundation and Change Management Practitioner exam. The duration of the Foundation exam is 40 minutes, consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. Each question is worth one point. To pass you will need to score 25 or more points. This an English language, closed book exam. The Practitioner exam takes 2,5 hours and consist of 80 multiple choice questions (objective testing examination). Each question is worth one point. To pass you will need to score 40 points or more. The Practitioner exam is an open book exam for which you can use the included course book.

          We are an accredited provider of APMG exams, and can offer this exam at the end of the training course. For open courses, the exam will take place at the course location. You will receive a digital APMG certificate when you pass the exam. This certificate is  internationally recognized by the Change Management Institute (CMI) and the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) as Qualified Education Provider. APMG-International has developed and is responsible for the examination guidelines.

          In-company and custom programs

          This training course, including the official exams can be provided in-company. Locations, dates and class hours can be adapted to your company needs. When you want to train four members or more of your staff, in-company may be financially attractive.

          Additionally, we can develop tailored solutions for your specific learning needs; cases studies based on your industry or specific business or additional modules in the fields of communication or design techniques; we can make this possible for you.

          Why take a Change Management Fast track course with us?

          • We are an APMG-International accredited training organization. This means that you can always count on up-to-date courseware, excellent trainers and a high quality of service.
          • This Change Management certification is recognized by the Change Management Institute (CMI), with chapters worldwide and the course materials are recognized by the Association for Change Management Professionals (ACMP).
          • Our Change Management Fast track is rated with a 8.9 on
          • A thorough exam preparation and a high pass rate. We offer a highly appreciated e-learning facility to support you in your preparations for the exam. This tool analyses your scores and adapts exercises based on your previous results.
          • Our trainers combine years of practical experience with great educational skills.
          • We will do our utmost to offer you the exact course you booked. Should a course have to few enrollments, we will contact you in time to offer you a solution to your satisfaction.
          • Check course dates.


          For all inquiries regarding education, please contact us at or apply online.

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