Duration: 2 days

Drive Business Growth: From Customer Needs Tо Pitching Your Idea

Master customer-centered product development for business growth.


This interactive two-day course equips participants with the skills tо understand customer needs deeply and validate business ideas effectively, using techniques like empathy mapping and customer journey mapping. Attendees will learn tо create products that resonate with customers, enabling substantial business growth.

What you will learn
Techniques for empathy and customer journey mapping Methods tо analyze and prioritize customer insights Strategies tо define MVPs and prototype effectively Skills tо pitch innovative business ideas confidently Approaches tо validate and refine product concepts Insights tо drive customer-focused product development

Understanding and addressing customer needs are crucial for developing successful products and driving business growth. This course provides practical tools and methods for empathizing with customers, identifying their pain points, and designing solutions that meet their expectations. Participants will also learn tо communicate their ideas persuasively tо stakeholders.



Participants will gain the competence tо navigate the product development process from initial customer understanding tо pitching finalized concepts, ensuring alignment with genuine market needs and business objectives.



  • Product Managers
  • Business Strategists
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Innovation Managers


2 days


Day 1:

  • Crafting empathy maps tо understand customer emotions and motivations.
  • Developing and analyzing customer journey maps tо identify key touchpoints and pain points.
  • Prioritizing insights using a matrix tо direct product development efforts effectively.

Day 2:

  • Mapping user stories tо align product features with customer needs.
  • Defining and prototyping a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • Techniques and strategies for pitching your product idea tо stakeholders.
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