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          Educational package for Data Architect

          Depends on the course.

          We have more than ten years of experience in educating our clients from the data-driven domain. We improve our education program from year to year, taking into account best practices and our expertise. What we have realized over time is that interactivity and modularity are essential elements of every education. Besides this, some of the educations we have transformed from course to workshop where our participants can work with their data and use cases. It is challenging to create and adapt training that will be acceptable to any client or project, so we created a customizable set of training for you. 


          Among other education packages (Data Engineer and Data Analyst) we have a set of courses for training for Data Architect role. 

          What’s in the educational package?

          This tailored package serves as an ideal learning guide for data architects and team leaders in data-centric organizations. It provides a comprehensive curriculum for those engaged in the orchestration, conceptualization, and leadership of data-based initiatives and teams. While it serves as an excellent starting point for those new to data architecture and design, it also affords seasoned professionals a holistic overview of all contemporary, enterprise-related data topics.


          For all inquiries regarding education, please contact us at or apply online.

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