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Managed services

Don't wait for a problem to appear, prevent it with our help!


Great performance, reliability and security are the benefits of IBM mainframe technology.

IBM Software Specialist

CROZ as the leading regional IBM partner possesses expertise, knowledge, and experience to implement a wide range of IBM solutions.

Complex integration

We will create new solutions by taking the advantages of your existing IT investments.

Business analytics

The data is a very powerful tool, and the way you use it has a major influence on the business success of your organization.


DevOps in a CROZ way


You want to know how to adapt to today's market's requirements, how to replace the old monolithic systems, which organizational changes are necessary? Krešimir Musa will give you the needed answers.

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4 ways to become a leader without anyone's permission


How do you envision a leader? Does he have a suit & tie, a fancy title, is he a member of the board or the best programmer, or salesman? Male or female? Is he a loud speaker? Is everyone afraid of him/her or is he/she beloved? Can you envision yourself as a leader?

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How to apply DATA SCIENCE in business and create value


Big data is certain for companies but extracting the value from it is the subject of the next Data Science Economy 2017 conference, that will take place on the 28th of June in HUB385 in Zagreb. Participants will learn, through concrete examples, how to extract value from Big data.

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