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Envision Yourself at the QED 20/20 Conference!

03. 09. 2019

At the next QED Conference, we are going to envision the future of enterprise IT systems!

We are pleased to announce the next QED Conference. The theme of the conference Vision 20/20 will be focused on the future of enterprise IT systems! It will take place in Split, Croatia, May 24–26, 2020. For more information, visit the conference’s web page.

A famous phrase says hindsight is 20/20, the meaning is that it is easy to have a clear picture after the battle is already over. Nevertheless, understanding and being able to anticipate how things should be set up in the future to achieve the best result – is much more difficult.. 2020 is a leap year; the year of the Metal Rat according to the Chinese zodiac. We might see Britain outside of the EU, we will see the next presidential elections in the US, and we are hopefully going to witness the results of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

In CROZ, we hope to see the results of our own “2020 – 50:50” agenda; we plan to have at least half of our business generated outside of Croatia. Consequently, we expect to have at least half of QED 2020 participants coming from all over the world.

We have been talking about many important topics at past QED conferences, such as failure, creativity, harmony and trust – so it was easy to pick the next one! We hoped that with everything we learned so far, we would be able to have a clear picture of what was coming next!

At the next QED Conference, we are going to envision the future of enterprise IT systems! Bold and utterly impossible statement, we know that! But still, let’s spend some time discussing it. How do we dance around the hype cycles of emerging tech? Can our organizations and cultures remain coherent while dancing?

Participants from previous years already know about the unique QED atmosphere. For those of you who could not participate in QED 2019, have a look at the conference aftermovie.


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