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How did we become seekers of the best developer experience?

02. 06. 2022

You know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time and the moment they are introduced, you forgot their name?

Don’t worry, it’s not that uncommon. It probably happened to every human being on the planet at least one time. How does that make us feel? Are we insecure about the next steps we are meant to take toward that person? The answer to that question probably lies in the importance of the person we just met and millions of other factors.

So, what if that happened on your first day at work? Let’s be honest, the first day of work is always stressful and never easy. New environment, new challenges and tasks, new organizational culture, and of course… a lot of new colleagues. There are a lot of things going on in your mind, tones of information that you hope to soak up like a sponge on your first day, and on top of that – try to remember everyone’s names so you can blend in as soon as possible.

And only if remembering names would be the only challenge. Tons of questions can come to our mind: Who can help me with this technology? What role does Ivan have in the company, maybe he is the right man to ask? When will I get permissions for the needed systems? When is lunch break? Where do I need to deliver this document? Where can I make a cup of coffee?

Also, let’s not forget the desire for self-improvement, learning, and contribution to the team and the projects as soon as possible.

But let’s be honest, it is not all up to the new employee. It is also up to the company to do something to make him welcome as much as possible, and to provide a critical amount of information that will not be overwhelming. That is not an easy job, and we are sure that every company is striving to be or become an employee-first company. Of course, there is no application that will magically improve all processes and do all the work instead of humans, but what if there was an application that helps everyone in the whole process – new employee, team, team lead, human resource manager, project manager…?

We have discovered all these insights during our discovery workshops and started to think about how we could help companies to provide the best developer experience and make it “a rule and not the exception”. Throughout interviews and other design thinking techniques, we discovered that employees have such a number of small concerns, insecurities, etc. that when we sum them up – they are not small at all! That’s when we came up with our vision and goal: “The pursuit of the best developer experience!”

User Profile Prototype

For starters, we decided to delve into processes that are usually slow and visibly reduce the developer experience. Giving permissions to the systems that team members use in their regular work seemed like the biggest pain we decided to resolve through the kustodian_.

As the discovery workshops continued to move on, we realized that we don’t want to stop at automatization of giving access to needed systems but to take it a step further. With all these little “pains” I listed earlier, but also a lot of others that I don’t want to reveal yet, we decided to help the companies to improve their employee developer experience. After several brainstorming sessions, generated ideas have found their final solutions in the kustodian_.

Of course, we won’t stop here, we just started! We’ve discovered a bunch of other things and you’ll find out the details somewhat later. kustodian_, Your virtual team guardian helps and supports You and Your teams in many kinds of ways. Want to know more about how exactly kustodian_ works? Feel free to contact us for a meeting and demo!

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