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13. 10. 2017

If answering „same or similar“ questions or performing „same or similar“ scenarios is a part of your everyday business routine, you'll definitely want to meet our new cBot!

Pay the electricity bill. I’d like to pay the electricity bill. I want to pay for the electricity. Eh, if only there was a system intelligent enough to understand all of these versions and, of course, to complete the task. Well, now there is. And it looks very good.

History taught us

About 4 years ago, when we started experimenting with analyzing and understanding the Croatian language, we didn’t have a clue where will it take us. First, an intern project of a complete analytic platform production was created, which later finally resulted in the first product on that platform: „SentiMenter“ – now well-known on the domestic market. SentiMenter gathers data (posts, comments) from social media and other sources (blogs, forums), analyzes text and refines it with additional information, such as sentiment (mood that prevails in the text) and keywords. Back then, we talked to a lot of companies and marketing agencies which do that kind of job for their clients manually, we’ve decided to upgrade our platform for implementing new algorithms for processing and understanding of Croatian language in another context.

Step by step, and about a month ago we’ve finished developing a product for automatic conversation in Croatian on that same platform – cBot.

Bot by bot

As you can see on the Forbes’ graph statistic, bots are currently one of the most popular trends in many businesses and industries.

We must say that our path of developing this product was subtle, i.e. it was only a logical upgrade to an already existing platform. Our aim was to make the platform stronger, richer and usable in different business contexts, so we didn’t approach the realization with a startup tactic. After the beta-version, which was finished in February 2017, the final version of the bot is finally ready. Its usage is large, even if we only look at it in the context of conversation automatization. Actually, using the term „final“ is incorrect, because our bot is constantly learning, and that is the magic of its realization on our NLP (natural language processing) platform.

cBot is our answer to the question from the beginning of this text; it is a version of a platform which understands Croatian and enables designing end-to-end dialogues between a user and the backend system, and actual implementing of user intentions. cBot’s core is a series of intelligent algorithms for analyzing text in Croatian and implementing machine learning algorithms which the users can use independently.

You’ve probably read a lot about bots, and the point it: if a considerable part of your business is about answering „same or similar“ questions or performing „same or similar“ scenarios, then you are a serious candidate for our cBot.

You can learn more about cBot in a short demo film. If you have any questions feel free to contact us – chatbot@croz.net.

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