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          0800-DEVOPS #7

          0800-DEVOPS #7 - Accelerate State of DevOps 2019, feature toggles and container security

          clock minute read

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          In focus: Accelerate State of DevOps 2019

          How satisfied are you really with your software delivery process?

          Don’t feel bad, nobody with the growth mindset ever is. The question is what will you do about it?

          How cool would it be to have a proven strategy that would take your software delivery process to the next level? A strategy that clearly points out what works and why. A strategy that is based on empirical evidence instead of a hypothesis.

          For the sixth year in a row, Accelerate State of DevOps Report reveals these secrets! We won’t spoil your reading but let’s just say there are specific behaviors – organizational and technical practices that are proven to speed up your delivery while making it more stable and reducing employee burnout. Translated in business language that’s faster time to market with fewer customer incidents delivered by a happy bunch of people! Count us in!

          Huge thanks to Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Dr. Dustin Smith, Jez Humble and Jessie Frazelle for this report, it’s truly eye-opening… oh, people just read the report! 🙂


          Announcing QED conference

          We are pleased to announce the next QED Conference titled “Vision 20/20”, this time in Split, Croatia, May 24–26, 2020! This year we will envision the future of enterprise IT systems! A bold and utterly impossible statement, we know that! Nevertheless, let’s spend some time discussing it. How do we dance around the hype cycles of emerging tech? Can our organizations and cultures remain coherent while dancing? And did we mention that Split is beautiful in spring? 🙂

          Participants from previous years already know about the unique QED atmosphere. For those of you who could not participate in QED 2019, have a look at the conference aftermovie.


          Worth of your time

          + Feature toggles are super-powerful stuff, they enable early integration, canary releasing, A/B testing and so much more. Take a look at how easy it is to implement them.

          + Docker images are increasingly becoming a vector of cyberattack. We have tested several scanning tools that you can embed in your pipeline to recognize malware-infected containers. No pasaran!!!1!

          + Accelerate State of DevOps Report (a.k.a. real life) proves that community structures like Communities of Practice are the best way to scale DevOps in an organization. Communities of Practice work, our experiences also support that.


          Read with us

          Measure What Matters, OKRs: The Simple Idea that Drives 10x Growth

          John Doerr is the guy who introduced OKRs to Google. Is there a better reference?
          Apart from understanding what OKRs really are, read how OKRs are used by large organizations, non-profits, and even Bono Vox!


          Quote of the Day

          “If it’s not working for you, maybe you’re not actually doing it.”

          — dr. Nicole Forsgren, DevOps consultant, expert, and researcher.
          Remember this the next time you claim certain practice doesn’t work.

          CROZ DevOps Team