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          CROZ is the new agile42 partner


          CROZ has yesterday officially confirmed the exclusive partnership for Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia with the world renowned consulting company on an event held at their headquarters in Zagreb. Agile42, with headquarters in Berlin, is a company that has extensive global experience in projects involving implementation of agile principles in various organizations. On behalf of agile42, the partnership was confirmed by their founder and one of the leading Agile experts in the world, Andrea Tomasini. He has has also given a short presentation with a focus on their solution, Enterprise Transition Framework™ (ETF), that leads and supports an organization through the process of becoming more Agile.

          “I am very happy that with CROZ we have managed to find a great partner company for this region. Their years of experience and the extensive knowledge of their consultants gives me the confidence to say that our cooperation will be a successful one and that future clients will be satisfied with smooth transitions towards the agile way of doing business.“, said Tomasini, who is one of the few Agile experts in the world who holds both Certified Scrum Coach (CSC) and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) certifications.

          Agile transformation helps companies to simplify their business processes, increase efficiency, and respectively improve the adaptation of the whole or a part of the organization to the demands of the business. Within the introductory part of the partnership presentation Marion Eickmann, the CEO and founder of agile42, has presented her company and mentioned that they employ 30 certified experts in their global subsidiaries in USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Finland. Those experts execute projects of transition of  companies coming from different industries towards the agile way of doing business. Since their foundation in 2007., the company has successfully guided the transition process of companies coming from different sectors, such as big international companies Siemens, Sony and Mitsubishi, mid-size companies such as Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Ableton and Chip, but also of start-up companies like Babbel, Juwelo and eBuddy. Marion Eickman has also highlighted during her presentation the fact that they have cooperated with over 450 clients worldwide.

          “During the execution of the  transition of the companies to the agile way of doing business, it is crucial to know the language and the culture of the country where the  company is located. That is also one of the reasons we have chosen to form a partnership with CROZ, a company who not only has qualified experts, but is a lot more in tune with the culture of this region”,  said Marion Eickmann during her part of the presentation.

          The head of consulting and implementation services in CROZ, Krešimir Musa, also commented on future cooperation with agile42:

          „Extensive experience, knowledge and tools of agile42 will become directly available to clients in our region. As their partner, CROZ will provide services such as education, consulting and coaching. I can confirm that we have already started to negotiate with several potential clients in Croatia and the region.”

          As part of the partnership, several experts from CROZ will go through the process of education and mentoring by agile42 experts, and in that way adopt the agile42 way of working.


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