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          How to apply DATA SCIENCE in business and create value


          Big data is certain for companies but extracting the value from it is the subject of the next Data Science Economy 2017 conference, that will take place on the 28th of June in HUB385 in Zagreb. Participants will learn, through concrete examples, how to extract value from Big data. After a very successful last year’s conference this year’s conference will feature over 20 global and regional experts and will showcase practical and applicable examples in Finance, trade, communications and the public sector. Their presentations include new insights and knowledge about data monetization, creating business value from unstructured data and understanding the content through data.

          Steve Lok, Head of Marketing Tech & Ops from the globally renowned magazine The Economist, and Dmitry TurchynmMicrosoft’s CEE HQ Data Platform Manager will be the key lecturers on this year’s conference.

          CROZ Data Science department’s Darko Benšić, Stipan Mikulić & Ivan Dundović will also give presentations and talk about two interesting subjects at the conference. They will show through practical examples, the steps/ways/challenges of accumulating data, processing & visualizing it, all by using the technologies/languages such as Spark, R, and others.

          The most important resource in the new economy is data which the organizations own. The amount of available data is increasing (2,3 trillion gigabytes of new data are created every day), and only a few companies know how to use the tools available to them in order to analyze the data and fully extract its benefits. Data, both structured and unstructured, add up, while only a fraction is being used in order to make business decisions, business innovations or personalized offers for the right users at the right time. That data can remain worthless or it can transform into the foundation of a company’s competitiveness and successfull development by applying Data Science.

          The leading companies have set a strategy for using and analyzing big data which creates an advantage compared to their competition. „Smart“ and concrete companies have a developed system to access up to date data on which they base their decisions and are capable of creating precise business expectations. Some of those examples will be presented at the DSE2017 conference.

          The content is adapted for a business audience, who will, through specific examples learn how to use data science for data management and making important business decisions. Those interested will also have a chance to learn about available tools offered by tech players with expertise in science and data.

          For more information, please visit the conference’s web site


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