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          Q&A: Keep Your IBM Business Process Manager Running and Supported


          Here is what you need to know if you are considering upgrading your IBM Business Process Manager.
          If you have more questions related to your specific need, feel free to contact us, our API Connect experts are here to help!

          Q: What is the difference between BPM and BAW?
          After release of version 8.6, BPM has been bundled together with IBM Case Manager and rebranded to IBM BAW. Version was first release of BAW. BAW is new BPM.
          Q: What is currently supported versions of BPM/BAW?
          Currently supported versions:

          • BPM 8.6.x will reach EOS on 2020-09-30
          • BAW 18/19 versions have support for 2 years after releaseQ: What is the release strategy?
            New versions of BAW are released quarterly (3 or 4 yearly)Q: What is recommended upgrade strategy?
            It is recommended to run 2 upgrades of BAW yearly (In-place upgrade is recommended procedure)

            Q: What about licensing?

            • BPM customer will automatically have their licenses upgraded to BAW at their next S&S renewal. Licenses can also be converted sooner if needed.
            • For BPM 8.6 customers, it is a no cost trade up and 1:1 for PVUs.
            • Even without switching to BAW licenses, BPM customers can apply the BAW CFs and still run Case, although they are bound by the CPE limitations specified in the BPM 8.6 license
            • For auditing (ILMT) purposes, the BPM and BAW license files are treated the same

            Q: Case management features

            Once you have upgraded to BAW and enabled case management, you will have access to the case management features

            Q: Development benefits of migrating to newest BAW version

            BAW brings:

            1. New fully functional  Process Designer (from version
            • Eclipse/desktop based Process Designer is discontinued, new modern Web Designer is used for development purposes
            1. IBM Deployment Accelerator for Business Automation Workflow
            • Lightweight solution for BPM process development,testing and ops team to apply DevOps to a BPM project
            1. Numerous fixes and improvements such as:
            • Artifact moving fixed
            • Debuger optimized
            • ENV Variables fixed
            • Reworked Developer Warnings so it is easier to notice errors
            • Many others

            Additionally, new BAW versions bring upgrades and numerous patches and security fixes to IBM WebSphere, IBM Java and IBM HTTP Server

            Still not sure about when and how to start upgrading your IBM Middleware? Contact CROZ for help, we have vast experience in helping companies across Europe keeping their IBM Middleware running and supported in the most effective and optimal way!






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