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          QED 2013 conference held in Zadar


          The QED 2013 conference was held in Zadar from the 12th to the 14th of May. The topic of the conference was quality in enterprise development.

          This year’s QED explored the relationship between quality, communication and collaboration.

          Keynote speech was given by Louis Richardson, IBM’s visionary and storyteller who directed the entire conference with his inventive story about the creativity crisis due to the lack of communication in companies. The idea of business, social and collaborative networks as an optimal solution in his speech, was spread to other presentations.

          After him, our presenters through various segments provided answers to many questions – how the way of communication can change project management, how to manage ideas within the organization, which tools, processes and methodologies can affect the quality of communication and cooperation, how to unleash and direct the flow of information coming from different sources.

          This year’s conference gathered over 120 participants and presenters from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United States, Holland, Germany and Italy, who attended numerous presentations and workshops during which they were able to learn more about agile software development methodologies. Four workshops were held at the conference. Jurgen Appello is one of the most influential people in the Agile. At QED, he was held his famous Management 3.0 Workshop. For the conference participants was interesting also workshop Scrum in the practice, as well as workshops Nonviolent communication in project management and Usability in form design.

          At the round-table discussion, representatives from RBA, Ericsson Nikola Tesla and Institute for Lean Six Sigma participated in a discussion about the application of lean principles in IT.

          The QED conference wasn’t without an entertainment component. For the conference participants we organized walking through the Paklenica, and the braver ones enjoyed discovering Dalmatian rocks during the Climbing Tour. Sunday night finished with a performance Muškarci su s Marsa, žene su s Venere!

          See you again next year at QED!


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