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          Regain control over your System Z applications with IBM Application Discovery


          With the acquisition of EZSource IBM has added a new product to its wide portfolio – IBM Application Discovery v5. The primary goal of the product is to increase productivity and get better overview of business logic and relations between applications that reside on Z Systems as well as to accelerate the adoption and migration to hybrid cloud.

          The tool consists of 3 modules:

          Analyze – creates graphical correlations between application by integration with SCM (Source code management) products and accessing application metadata, source code and runtime information. It also visualizes relations between jobs, programs, transactions, tables and files.

          This helps developer to quickly focus on specific sections of code and flow of the program rather then manually trying to figure out what thousands of lines of code do and what action should particular piece of code perform.

          Report – with report generator application it is possible to create reports such as inventory, complexity and impact analysis and export them to PDF, word or excel.

          Dashboards – offers application portfolio management capabilities with in-depth data for each application measuring complexity of the application, number of variables, CPU loads, trends, dead code analysis and application execution issues.

          Since this is a recent acquisition integration with other IBM tools such as IBM Rational Team Concert and IBM Rational Business Developer is currently in the works and will be available soon.


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