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          Road to business agility event held in Slovenia


          More and more organizations, regardless of their business occupation, are now yielding to the agile methods and principles. This new trend is making the CROZ agile team, which has decided to share our good experiences with the dear users in Slovenia, very happy.

          At the „Road to business agility“ event, held last week in Ljubljana, our agile coaches revealed to the participants all the advantages which the agile approach brings to the organization (regardless of whether it is a start-up or an enterprise company) through a series of short lectures, practices and at the end, in a coach clinic.

          business agility

          How to start an agile transition, from where to begin, how to face the obstacles, is the embarking on such an adventure even worth it? What does it look like when the agile principles really start implementing into the organization? All of these are the standard questions bothering everyone who is thinking about adopting the agile methodology. Our coaches showed, on concrete examples from the cooperation with clients, how the agile can become the real way of creating a working environment. It is a job which represents a great challenge and, in most cases, a big change on the organization culture level, but with the help from a good coach, nothing is impossible. 🙂

          Even though it seems that the road to agility is long and hard, it is worth driving all the paths, because on your way you get the surrounding and processes which enable you to achieve your business goals faster, easier and more efficiently than before. If you find that tempting, the CROZ agile team is available to you for cooperation.


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