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Summer accelerator – projects insights

04. 06. 2019

Keep reading because this year you are going to have an opportunity to solve some serious problems.

We have announced our summer internship program couple a weeks ago and promised that you will learn interesting stuff, work on real projects and have fun. Sounds great but you want more details, especially about the projects? Keep reading because this year you are going to have an opportunity to solve some serious problems.

  • So many people think about volunteering but before committing to specific organization or cause, they would like to hear feedback from people who were actually engaged within that organization to be sure that everything is transparent.
  • Sharing information with a large group of people is always fun, especially if you use e-mail or group chat. Let’s make sure that individuals doesn’t oversee the info or spam the entire group.
  • Imagine that you are working on a project and need help for a problem that requires specific knowledge and skills. Not sure who of your colleagues can help you and do they have time to do it? It would make your life so much easier if there was a way for matching other people’s skills with your needs.
  • A platform for centralization of medical documentation of individuals already exists. Do you use it? Does your doctor use it? Can we make one that people would actually want to use it?

Apart from solving some real-life challenges, we will guide you through the world of modern technical frameworks and technical practices. If you bring your enthusiasm and willingness to learn and cooperate with other team members, we will supply the rest.

If you are willing to deal with these challenges (with a help of our mentor team, of course) – join us! The deadline for application is June 10th. Visit our career page for more info.

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