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The second CROZ’s hackathon – twice as good as the last one

24. 02. 2017

About seventy participants, twice as much as there were on the last year's edition of CROZ's hackathon, were working on more than 20 projects in which they were using technologies such as blockchain, IBM Watson, SpringCloud, Spark,...


like the last year’s, this gathering was organized with the purpose of participants relaxing and working on interesting projects, that are usually not in full focus, through creativity, using new technologies and making applications.

Last year’s successful premiere edition of the hackathon motivated a much bigger number of people to apply and to put their ideas into reality. The inspiring and relaxed atmosphere has been successful, the team did a great job, from which they learned a lot. They learned that an arcade game can be made in just one day, that it is okay for a standalone smartwatch to have an installation of 100+ MB (khmmm… yeah right ), that the cloud architecture is indeed manageable, that you can have a serious conversation with Watson, that in 2017 in the mobile application domain there will be a tight  race between Letwi (a hit new mobile game!) and Tochi (how do you feel now Foursquare?), that employees are maybe going to enter buildings without their cards soon – only with face recognition, that Spark is the future of data processing,…

The enthusiasm and the success of the hackathon is seen in the fact that the solution presentations were held until 22:00 because all the teams wanted to show themselves in the best possible way, so the evening night out was replaced with a pleasant gathering in the CROZ educational center.

The second edition outdid the expectations when you take into consideration the number of participants, their creative ideas and the overall atmosphere. We won’t be surprised if we gather triple as many participants in our next, third edition.

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