Trailblazers 1th Edition

Honest talks. Senior developers for senior developers.
CROZ, Lastovska st. 23, 5th floor, Zagreb

What was on the agenda ?

Tech-talk – How to set up a Kafka development environment in <7 min

Well, it was give or take 7 minutes. But you get the point, right? The first edition was introduced by the later recurring Miroslav Čerkez.

Panel Discussion - Is there more to data streaming than just Kafka?

Is Kafka all we know? Some important questions were raised by our panelists, including Bruno Kovačević (RBA) and Tomislav Rajaković (Superbet), regarding the current state of data streaming.

Event Details

The one that started it all, and we started off with a bang.

Our intro was short and sweet, but the tone for the rest of the event was immediately set. The experts that stepped up to the occassion definitely matched the pitch and helped get in sync around Kafka and data streaming.

Our initial event was a bit rough around the edges, but what can you do? It helped us shape ourselves going forward and get to where we are today, bigger and better than before.