Trailblazers 3th Edition

Honest talks. Senior developers for senior developers.
CROZ, Lastovska st. 23, 5th floor, Zagreb

What was on the agenda ?

Trailblazers #03 was a very special edition and one we like to highlight the most.

The event consisted of a single 60 minute fireside chat titled „The most important tool is sitting right there in your chair“

Event Details

Fresh off of QED and from the Z(adar) to the Z(agreb), we were joined by the amazing Kelsey Hightower.

No tech-talk, just a friendly fireside chat between two ferns. What was so special about it was the non-tech aspect of it, with a mind like Kelsey, we felt it was best to shed a light on some of the more profound stuff surrounding the omodern tech world.

Finding value, navigating a treacherous tech sea, approaching changing landscapes and getting back to the basics, because sometimes being a good dev doesn’t equate to just clicks and clacks. Oh, and of course the event was packed, what less would you expect?