Trailblazers 6th Edition

Honest talks. Senior developers for senior developers.
CROZ, Lastovska st. 23, 5th floor, Zagreb

What was on the agenda ?

An engineer's guide
to implementing DORA regulation

The DORA regulative is set to arrive in January of 2025. Many of our clients and partners will be impacted, therefore they must stay ahead of the curve. Instead of legal aspects, our expert panel decided to explore practical advice and solutions regarding the implementation of DORA. 

Event Details

Actionable advice from industry experts 

Our expert panel consisted of CROZ’s Igor Sokač and Milan Jovanović, they were joined by RBA’s Croatia’s Vladimir Remenar. Through the guidance of our moderator, Ivan Krnić, they explored all about controlling the supply chain, how you can manage risk and plenty more. Our panel was well prepared for any questions thrown their way, and our very lively audience had no intention of sparing them. After the discussion they enjoyed the good olclassic combo of burgers & beers while enjoying the company of like-minded individuals.