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0800-DEVOPS #1 DevOps, U2 and First law of complexity in software development

19. 02. 2019


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In focus: DevOps is not a B-side

Organizations draw agility from their organization (pun intended!), but also from technical practices that enable quick and reliable delivery of business value to end users. “Working smarter, not harder” has always been our favorite mantra, but smarter way of working is just one side of the coin.

The other side of the coin, the technical one that supports automation, elimination of manual work, and technical excellence in software development deserves equal attention. Without rock-solid technical practices it is virtually impossible to quickly react to changes in business needs, to experiment with new product features, and build resilient and scalable systems. “The other side of the coin” is not a “B-side”. Successful organizations do not have a “B-side”. Just look at U2, they had megahit “Sweetest Thing” on their B-side. That’s how “weak” their B-side is.

A lot of concepts and tools emerged over the last few years and new ones are rising every day which only proves that this is extremely important and dynamic domain. Automating application lifecycle, running in private or public cloud, stability and predictability in production environment, reducing operational risk, early problem detection, Development and Operations working together on common value stream – in one word DevOps! – becomes key differentiator between fast-moving organizations and those that are barely alive.

That’s why we’re presenting 0800-DEVOPS, a quasi bi-weekly newsletter digest of interesting ideas from the world of DevOps, technical practices and increased productivity. Stuff that we discuss internally in CROZ DevOps Team. Stay tuned and we guarantee you will find something of an interest to you. Be part of our team!

Worth of your time

12-factor apps – everybody is talking about them, but what are they really? If you’re not a fan of raw theory, you should definitely check out this awesome movie by Joe Kutner, this guy knows what he’s talking about.

+ CSG International, a large multinational company delivering solutions for telecom domain shares its learnings after 6 months of introducing DevOps culture.

First law of complexity in software development stipulates that “complexity in software development can change its form, but its amount will always remain constant”. OK, we just made that one up But the idea is still valid, just take a look at this great article “Complexity is here, just pick where you want to have it”.

Read with us

The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

Fantastic novel on improving production process and introducing DevOps culture in broken organization. If you can’t at least remotely relate to the hero of this book, we’re calling bull****  Read (or listen to!) the book and let us know who your Brent is!



Meanwhile in an organization without DevOps culture…


Quote of the Day

“Hire the people who will automate themselves out of a job, then just keep giving them jobs.”

– Jessie Frazelle, Technologist at Microsoft, enjoys hacking everything possible into containers.

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