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0800-DEVOPS #63 – AI Platform Engineering with Patrick Debois

08. 07. 2024

I talked with Patrick Debois about challenges of introducing Generative AI and how AI Platform Engineering can help.

AI Platform Engineering

Organizations are increasingly investing efforts in unlocking the value of Generative AI. It all starts with rallying organizations around Gen AI and developing ideas to bring more value to their customers and move the needle toward business goals. Ideation events (or “hackathons”) are a great way to engage the organization, and you can see how it worked for us and our clients in my DevOps Enterprise Summit talk.

But once the Generative AI initiative gets traction, the pattern is the same as with any other technology: the organization tries something, and that something works (it produces value). The organization would like to have more of it, so it needs to scale. The question is how to efficiently scale the approach, the technology, and ways of working across the organization.

Platform Engineering is the pattern that successful organizations use. Sometimes, people have this shortsighted view that platform engineering is only about building infrastructure and pipelines to deploy apps to Kubernetes. Platform engineering is about building abstractions over infrastructure, tools, and processes that help teams deliver value more efficiently. Yesterday, it was about Kubernetes. Today, it is also about providing access to approved LLM models, RAG mechanisms, vector databases, caching, model versioning, and connectors to legacy data sources, hence AI Platform Engineering.

Platform teams shouldn’t be static; we shouldn’t rely on them just to install Kubernetes and build application deployment pipelines. New paradigms are coming, and we need to find ways to support them through platform teams. Therefore, considering the speed of technology these days, platform teams should be on alert and open to supporting teams in new areas, with Generative AI being first in the line.

Interview of the Month


AI Platform Engineering with Patrick Debois

You know how in every good movie, it takes some time for a plot to develops, and the main character is introduced only later in the movie… We’ll that’s why it took me 43 episodes of the DevOps podcast to welcome a person that started it all! I talked with Patrick Debois about challenges of introducing Generative AI and how can AI Platform Engineering help.

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“Statisticians, like artists, have the bad habit of falling in love with their models.”

―George E. P. Box, British statistician

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