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API Management with Kong

06. 09. 2023

CROZ expands its solution portfolio for enterprise customers by partnering with Kong, the renowned cloud-native API management platform. Kong open-source and Enterprise software has proven itself in the rigors of the industry over the past few years, offering excellent support and being valued by development teams for its simplicity. 

API management is a critical component of any digital business. Successful digital business models and successful companies create dynamic and interconnected digital environments known as digital ecosystems. Only these digital ecosystems enable the complicated interaction of technologies, data, services, users, and digital collaborations with third parties. Freely following the motto “The whole is greater than the sum of all the parts,” digital companies integrate their services onto third-party platforms, allowing other companies to connect to their ecosystem.

Kong is a reliable, secure, and performant platform for managing APIs of modern IT architectures based on Kubernetes. Lightweight, with minimal overhead, Kong seamlessly fits into CI/CD pipelines.

“CROZ is always on the lookout for cutting-edge technology and ahead of the curve in balancing it with what’s already out there to make technology change faster and more successful. Kong is enterprise-ready, and through our partnership, we now have direct contact with Kong and benefit from their experience with many projects. Our enterprise customers who rely on Kong to transform to modern, scalable IT appreciate this.”

Peter Blenninger, Co-Founder and Managing Director of CROZ DACH GmbH.

“We are excited to partner with CROZ. At Kong we are always expanding our offerings for customers to have safe, well-crafted, and perfectly executed Service Delivery Programs. Together CROZ and Kong can deliver exceptional and successful outcomes, directly addressing the need for our enterprise clients embarking on critical modernization programs.”

Tizian Bürger, CEMEA Regional Director Kong.

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