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          Secure Coding Workshop Secure Coding Workshop

          Secure Coding Workshop

          DURATION 2 Days

          Welcome to our comprehensive Secure Coding Workshop, where participants will delve into the world of secure coding practices and learn how to seamlessly integrate them into their everyday development work. Our workshop goes beyond the surface level of coding techniques, as we delve into crucial topics that lay the foundation for a thorough understanding of secure coding principles.


          During this immersive workshop, attendees will gain a deep understanding of secure coding practices and acquire the necessary skills to effectively implement them. Our expert instructors will guide participants through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, enabling them to grasp the significance of secure coding in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.


          Furthermore, this workshop places a strong emphasis on key security-related topics that are essential prerequisites for mastering secure coding principles. By exploring these mandatory topics, attendees will develop a holistic understanding of security considerations, enabling them to approach coding with a security-first mindset.


          Upon completion of this workshop, participants will not only possess a robust set of secure coding practices but will also be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to comprehend crucial security-related concepts. They will have the capability to navigate potential security pitfalls and make informed decisions when it comes to implementing secure coding principles effectively.


          Join us in this transformative Secure Coding Workshop and empower yourself to build robust, secure, and resilient software applications.

          For who?

          The Secure Coding Workshop is designed for a wide range of participants who are involved in software development and have a keen interest in improving the security of their code.


          1. Software Engineers: Engineers responsible for designing and implementing software systems can greatly benefit from this workshop. It equips them with the necessary knowledge to build secure applications from the ground up, ensuring that security is ingrained in the software architecture.


          2. Technical Leads and Managers: Leaders who oversee development teams can gain valuable insights from this workshop to enforce secure coding practices across their organization. It enables them to effectively communicate security requirements and guide their teams in implementing secure coding principles.


          3. Quality Assurance/Testers: QA professionals and testers can enhance their understanding of security vulnerabilities and threats through this workshop. This knowledge enables them to create comprehensive security test cases and identify potential weaknesses in the code.


          4. Information Security Professionals: Even individuals with a background in information security can benefit from this workshop by gaining a deeper understanding of the coding practices that contribute to secure software development. It allows them to collaborate effectively with developers and align their security efforts.


          5. Software Architects: Architects responsible for designing the overall structure and components of software systems can benefit from this workshop by incorporating secure coding principles into their architectural decisions. It helps them design systems that are resilient to security threats.




          Basics of Java development


          The workshop follows the OWASP Secure Coding Practices curriculum and it will cover all topics defined by it which includes:
          · Input Validation
          · Output Encoding
          · Authentication
          · Password Management
          · Session Management
          · Access Control
          · Cryptographic Practices
          · Error Handling and Logging
          · Data Protection
          · Communication Security
          · System Configuration
          · Database Security
          · File Management
          · Memory Management
          · General Coding Practices



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