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          Business and Data Analysis

          NoSQL Introduction

          DURATION 2 Days


          Today modern architecture systems use different databases to upgrade functionalities which cannot be efficiently resolved using traditional relational databases. Here come the Polyglot Persistence databases designed for special customer cases.

          The goal of this education is to become familiar with architectures and concepts of Polyglot Persistence databases. Besides the theoretical part participants will get practical experience working with customer cases using Neo4J, Cassandra, MongoDB.


          Participants will become familiar with:

          • Graf, key-value, column, document db
          • Key customer cases
          • Best practices


          Target audience

          • Software and Data Engineers and Developers
          • Software and Data Architects



          • Basic knowledge of database concepts
          • Basic knowledge of Java programming language.



          Day 1:

          • NoSQL Introduction
            • Differences between relational and NoSQL databases
            • Use Cases
          • NoSQL database types
            • key-value
            • document
            • column
            • graph
            • multi-model
          • Introduction to MongoDB (high level)

          Day 2:

          • Introduction to MongoDB, Cassandra and Neo4J
            • Distributed database on commodity hardware
          • Topics (theory and exercises)
            • Json
            • Schema design
            • Standalone
            • Config file
            • Crud
            • Index
            • Replica set
            • Majority read write
            • Sharding
            • Security


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