About us

We are an IT consultancy based in Zagreb, Croatia. We are oriented at finance and public sector, as well as other enterprise environments. Our services include turn-key projects or professional services including education, consulting and implementation of the technology.

Over the years, our team has managed to build and capitalize on ‘waves’ of technology. This kind of reputation indicates the acceptance of technological risks but also all of the advantages that new technologies can bring to our clients.

Our experts have repeatedly tested these technologies and gained extensive experience in practice as well as in successfully implementing new technological solutions in user environments. Therefore, the driving force behind the deployment of technologies is not the technology itself, but rather, technology has to yield a substantial business value for our clients.

Our team

CROZ’s team counts more than 200 employees located in Zagreb, Amsterdam, Belgrade and Austin, Texas. We are diverse and crossfunctional, with brilliant software engineers, architects, testers, analysts and infrastructure experts. This makes us very successful in being able to cover all aspects of our customer’s projects.

CROZ as a Partner

We have a reputation of a company capable of successfully completing very demanding and difficult projects and it has the reputation of a reliable business partner. We rely on high-quality standards and methods and particularly on the professionalism and the team spirit within the company.

Our loyalty to the customer is of absolutely no doubt while the successful outcome of a project is our first priority.