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          Data Engineering


          Whether you’re building a new IT system or transforming an existing one, CROZ is your experienced partner!

          Put your data in use!

          The biggest question for many businesses today is not how to get data, but what to do with the overwhelming sea of information available. Old-fashioned BI systems are being transformed into modern business analytics platforms, driven by recent business and IT trends. Real-time management requirements (Sensor and Streaming Data, Internet of Things) and polyglot persistence approach (NoSQL, DWH Appliance, Hadoop, Spark, Machine Learning) are major cornerstones of this paradigm shift.

          Put your data in use!

          Modern data management and architecture

          CROZ team is specialized in the methodology and concepts of modern data management and architecture. We will help you build and grow your business analytics platform. It will be based on modern polyglot architecture and will be able to support predictive analysis, datamining, social and cognitive analytics – whatever your business expects and needs. We can also help you build new insights from your existing data by tracking down patterns and using implied information in it.

          Big data

          Big Data can become fairly useless if the most important information are not boiled down into useful insights. Distilled from the vast amounts of data, these insights are used to help fuel significant business decisions and company strategies. This is where the true value of Big Data lays.

          Data Engineering Services We Perform

          • Developing complete end-to-end Data Pipelines
          • Ingesting Data from various sources into desired destinations
          • Managing various file format conversions
          • Performing Data Transformations
          • Performing Data Cleansing
          • Maintaining Data Integrity
          • Developing Data Models
          • Performing ETL and/or ELT jobs
          • Enriching Data for downstream Analytical Purposes
          • Performing Data Analytics
          • Performance Tuning

          And we do it by using:

          • IBM DataStage and Informatica PowerCenter – for data integration and transforming transactional data to optimized structures suitable for data analysis
          • IBM Cognos – for creating reports and data visualization
          • Apache Hadoop – for storing and batch processing large amounts of data
          • Apache Spark – for batch and real-time processing of large amounts of data
          • Apache Kafka – for large-scale messaging and stream processing


          Converge all of your data sources into a polyglot platform capable of providing every insight about your business! Get in touch!

          Technologies we use

          Kafka IBM Hortonworks Snowflake_Logo Cloudera Databricks


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