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          Artificial Intelligence


          Make your data unleash the full potential of your business.

          Harvest the Power of Contextual AI

          No matter the given context, carefully harvested power of AI brings valuable business outcomes.

          Harvest the Power of Contextual AI

          Building AI Factory

          Building adequate AI maturity and capabilities within every organization is slightly different yet very challenging. Various elements impact organization’s decision on where to implement AI and how strongly. Organizations try to implement it on their own or put their trust in the off-the-shelf solutions, with pros and cons on both sides. But, whether you have a “green field” or an existing solution already in place, our mission is to help you reach your full AI potential, with more focus and faster than expected.

          We’ve learned this valid experience through building our own AI-powered platform which uses advanced machine learning techniques to enable early detection of anomalies, root cause and predictive analysis.

          The platform is “vendor agnostic”, taking advantage of various data from different sources (event streams, business application data, logs…) to provide a consolidated view of the existing business with the goal of recognizing space for business improvement – based on real data in real time!

          Regardless of the targeted implementation scenarios, we bring the platform as an accelerator asset in creating AI-driven business benefits in a specifically targeted context within your organization.


          Let’s start with WHY! And let’s do it fast.

          In just a few key steps we verify that our platform fits current and provides a baseline for future needs.



          • Verify the current state of the existing systems & business contexts. Question the current need in place.
          • Duration: 2 weeks


          MVP ROLLOUT

          • Validate the hypotheses about the future system expectations; business and technical.
          • Demonstrate AI platform brings benefits in limited business scope (MVP).
          • Ensure preparation towards the full potential usage; in other different contexts.
            Duration: < 3 months*


          SCALE UP

          • Implement and roll out other business scenarios supported by the AI platform.
            1st line support, KPI driven monitor, adapt and improve the models in place.
            Make a plan for long term sustainability within the organization’s terms and conditions
            Duration: 3 – 6 months



          • Second-line support in production use, SLAs, onboarding of your new team members, and continuous AI knowledge improvement.
            Duration: On-demand


          *Historical data is used in order to map the initial trend.

          Technologies we use

          Apache Airflow Hadoop


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