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          Cloud Native and DevOps

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          Whether you’re building a new IT system or transforming an existing one, we are your experienced partner!

          From private servers to (private) cloud

          Running a large number of application server instances organized into several clusters within your virtualized environment? These robust and capable systems handle expected loads very well but don’t use the underlying resources optimally. Scalability and manageability can be a burden, too. Cloud environment based on containers and orchestration, such as Docker, Kubernetes and related technologies, is superior solution which brings huge improvements in scalability and manageability.

          From private servers to (private) cloud

          From monolith to microservices

          Monolithic architectures are constraints in establishing real continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) environments. We will engage with you to explore the possibilities of transforming your monolith into a cloud native application system. Within a couple of sprints we will build a working prototype of your new system based on a container platform, using tools such as Spring Boot, Redis, Apache Camel and Kafka. This architecture proves to be a great fit for modern CI/CD strategies, while satisfying strict requirements on performance, security and maintainability.

          From outsourced services to trusted partners

          We understand it’s all about trust. That’s why we create dedicated cross-functional agile teams for our clients, with expert knowledge in development methodologies and required technologies. Whether it is application development in Angular, Java or Spring Boot, or maybe transition to cloud with Docker, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift or even introduction of Test-Driven-Development practices, our teams start working on-site for several sprints in order to establish quality, create communication channels and – most importantly – build trust. With trust and communication in place, quality and deliveries demonstrated, and all other important metrics stable – we continue to work remotely, keeping the costs low.

          From manual deployments to fully automated delivery

          If there was ever a reasonable case for manual deployments, a shift toward prototyping, experimentation and ever-shorter feedback loop has rendered it useless. Manual deployments are slow, time consuming, error prone and practically impossible when dealing with large number of deployment units in distributed system. To help you overcome those shortcomings, we will help you transition towards continuous delivery process. By implementing one-click automated delivery pipelines with tools such as Jenkins, Gitlab CI and IBM UrbanCode, you will break internal development and operations silos, introduce traceability, save time and reduce operational risk.


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