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Scaling Open Banking Across Europe with Raiffeisen Bank International

We are proud to significantly contributed to Raiffeisen Bank International's digital transformation, focusing on innovative open banking solutions through robust API management and a multicultural team approach.


CROZ has played a crucial role in supporting Raiffeisen Bank International's transition to digital banking through the Merlin and Galileo products. This partnership has been instrumental in implementing effective API management and enhancing digital banking experiences, supported by a diverse and collaborative team environment.



Complex, large, agile, transparent, secure. All under one cap – OPEN. Open Banking can be done only with a large amount of trust implemented in organizational and technical aspects and a right set of team members.

“When as the Leader you have very complex and challenging tasks on your table, you are always looking for people who are professionals and passionate about their work to join your journey. I was very lucky one to find CROZ guys: experienced professionals with IBM products, great Team players and reliable colleagues whom you can trust without any doubt execution of most crucial tasks which have impact on end-customers satisfaction.”

-Tetyana Butenko, Group Product Owner, Raiffeisen Bank International AG.

Our client Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) introduced Merlin and Open Banking Integration Tribe with the main target to drive the digitalization of the complete Raiffeisen Banking Group. Tribe is mainly handling three Digital Products:

  • Digital enabling Platform (Merlin Product)
  • Implementation of Interfaces (APIs) for the Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) which is a regulatory requirement by law (Galileo XS2A Product)
  • Implementation of Consumption capabilities to enable data usage from other Banks via PSD2 APIs (Galileo Consumption Product) and helps also other Products within the Group like daVinci (Digital Corporate Portal), Newton (Mobile Banking), etc.

Within the Merlin Product, the Bank decided to use IBM API Connect software for creating and managing web application programming interface (APIs), where IBM API Management platform enables users to create, assemble, manage, secure, and socialize them. This is essential for the Merlin platform to work accordingly to the end user’s specifications.



Galileo Product is covering the implementation of Access to Account within the Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) regulatory requirements and consumption of same PSD2 APIs from other banks. CROZ, as a trusted partner, is responsible for providing support relevant to the Products’ roadmaps according to business functional & technical requirements defined within the Backlog. The Backlog is provided by the RBI’s Teams and services are delivered in agile delivery cycles.

CROZ experts, very experienced and knowledgeable with IBM API Connect (APIC) platform, work side by side with RBI’s members, collaborating in delivering a new age banking experience for the whole Raiffeisen Banking Group. The Teams include more than 180 people with 27 nationalities, 26 languages, and have members from 4 continents.

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