Dominator is THE tool that understands all Lotus Notes applications in depth and converts them into cutting-edge, cloud-ready Java applications. Get rid of those dusty Domino servers and step into the Cloud.

Lotus Notes applications are like a pair of your favorite worn out jeans. They are old, slightly torn and there is nobody around who can fix them. Yet, you still keep them because they are comfortable and still incredibly useful.

How cool would it be if you could magically get an equally comfortable, brand new pair of jeans? How cool would it be if you could magically convert your LN applications to modern Java stack and run them in the cloud?

It’s possible. It’s not magic. It’s Dominator.

There are over ten million Lotus Notes applications running across global enterprises today!

Contact us and get your Lotus Notes applications a new life in the Cloud! Share your challenges with us and earn a free pilot project, compliments of the house!

How does Dominator work?

Dominator is neither a framework nor a platform. It is a tool that will convert your aging Lotus Notes applications to modern, cloud-ready Java architecture.

Dominator will not blindly translate LN code and development patterns into Java syntax. Rather than that, it will build new Java application from the scratch and implement user interface and business logic taken from LN application but using modern Java frameworks and development patterns.

Just like experienced developer would do it manually.

Dominator is just a nickname. Full name is DOMINo translATOR.

What issues will Dominator solve for you?

Huh, where should we start, let’s see. 🙂

  • Inevitable dead-end of Lotus Notes applications.
  • Cumbersome maintenance. Vendor lock-in. Licensing costs.
  • Cost of managing and maintaining LN client and Domino server infrastructure.
  • Applications that work only through LN client. Lack of modern user experience.
  • Difficult to integrate any Lotus Notes application in holistic customer journey.
  • Valuable data “trapped” inside LN databases.
  • Hard to find LN developers.

Do we need to continue?

Dominator FAQ

If you are a Lotus Notes user, Dominator will solve
many of your problems!

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